The mission has always been to provide a Christ Centered Education that is affordable. Giving makes that possible. In order to meet our current needs for staff and students and to meet the needs of our future plans, we need you!

Remember, SCS is a 501c Corporation and donations are tax deductible.

We accept cash or check. Please make checks payable to Salem Christian School.

Thank you for your consideration and your donation!

Choose a Fund

General Fund

The General Fund at SCS is the means by which we pay for general expenses which include; teacher salaries, supplies, equipment, fees, mortgage, electricity, internet, building maintenance, automotive cost, etc.

Building Fund

The Building Fund at SCS is a fund by which we make repairs and renovations to the facility.

Sponsorship Fund

The Sponsorship Fund is money collected from donors to give to students in financial need to help pay for tuition. Sometimes this is called a Scholarship Fund.