Supply ListS

Elementary PE Supply List

-A good pair of tennis shoes. Lace-up or velcro is fine. Boots, heels, and non-athletic shoes are a safety issue.

-A good water bottle that doesn't leak. Put your child's name or initials on it in at least two places in permanent marker!

-For girls, please avoid dresses on PE days, if possible! If wearing a dress, please have athletic pants or shorts underneath.

PE 6-10 Supply List

-PE uniforms (can buy prior to school or on orientation night) consisting of minimum 1 pair of shorts and a SCS T-shirt. A SCS sweatshirt is recommended for outerwear as the weather gets cooler.

-Water bottle

-SCS hats are also allowed for PE

-A good pair of lace-up tennis shoes. General running shoes or athletic shoes are acceptable.

The following footwear will not be acceptable for PE as they are a safety issue:



-sperrys or deck shoes

-"Hey Dude" shoes

-"Chuck Taylor"; converse shoes