Pre-K 3

Kelli Clough

A note from our Pre-k Director

“Howdy Partner,” saddle up and trot on over for a great Adventure in the

Wild, Wild, West. We are looking forward to a new year as we Corral

together at the SCS Preschool Ranch. We will trot along through each

day making new friends, learning new things, and making special

memories together. I will be your Child’s Guide to lead them through

the Preschool trails. We may encounter some tumbleweeds along the

way that may cause us to stumble, but in those moments we will learn

how to work around those to be the best Cowboy or Cowgirl that we can

be. We will Clip-Clop through this year with the Lord as our Guiding

Light. In Joshua 1:9 it says “For the Lord your God is with you wherever

you go.” So, get your Cowboy or Cowgirl boots on and let’s Ride into

2024-2025 :).

If you have any questions please let me know.

Pre-K 3 Supply List 

SCS 2024-2025

Please put your child’s name on any of the products below that have an (*).

Tote Bag: (NO BACKPACKS) the tote bag should be medium size and foldable to fit in their drawers. The tote bag should be able to hold your Childs lunch box, water bottle, folder and blanket inside the bag. PLEASE NO DISNEY CHARACTERS, SUPERHERO, ETC. The bag can have generic characters like

Dogs, trucks, animals etc.

Snack/Lunch Bag: (No Characters) Please provide a spill proof water bottle and *please put their name on their water bottles. This is just in case there are others that might have the same one. Please NO plastic disposable water bottles. The boys and girls have trouble with them and lots of spills.

Complete Change of Clothes: EVERY STUDENT NEEDS TO BRING AN EXTRA CHANGE OF CLOTHES AND WE NEED THESE BY THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.  Please include the following items: Extra Shirt, Pants, 2 pairs of under ware, and socks. *Please put your child’s name on each piece of clothing.

*Put the clothes in a Gallon Ziploc bag with their name on the bag.

Rest Time Mat: ALL DAY STUDENTS will need a PLASTIC MAT for the first day of school. *Please make sure their NAME is on their MAT. We ask for the plastic mats because they are easier to keep clean and for us to wipe off if needed.

Small Blanket: Your child can bring in a small blanket to use during rest time. PLEASE DO NOT SEND IN A BIG-BULKY BLANKET. If the blanket doesn’t fit in their bags with their other things then it’s too big :). We have a limited amount of space in their drawers. (NO SLEEPING BAGS OR STUFFED ANIMALS).


Please put your child’s name on the items that have an (*) :)

*Crayons- Triangle Shape

*Pencil Box

*Scissors- FISKARS (BLUNT TIP) please put their name on the actual pair of scissors


 (2) Glue Sticks

*Crayola Watercolor paints- 8 or 16 colors

*Washable Markers- Basic Colors 8 count

(2) Pocket Plastic Folders (NO paper folders please)

(1) Pack of White Copy Paper

(1) Pack of Pastel Copy Paper

(2) Large boxes of Tissues

(1) Large pack of Napkins

(1) Big bottle of Germ X

(3) Clorox Wipes

(1) Roll of Paper Towels

(1) Package of small white round Paper Plates (just plain ones with No design)

(1) bottle of liquid acetaminophen (Tylenol)