First Grade

a NOTE FROM Mrs. Lunde


Welcome to first grade! I am very excited to have each of you in my class this year! It is going to be a fun year full of exciting adventures and sharing God's Love!

First grade is so much fun! I'll be praying for each of you and I know we can all work together to excel in our learning. I look forward to seeing you sweet smiling faces!

Mrs. Lunde

1st Grade Supply List


Required Supplies for all students:

❏ Backpack and Lunchbox (Full size, no wheels)

❏ 1 pair of “fiskar” scissors

❏ 3 speckled composition books, wide ruled

❏ 1 3 ring white binder with plastic view pocket on front (1 inch)

❏ 3 plastic two-pocket folders

❏ 5x8 plastic supply box

❏ 25 page protectors

❏ 1 pack of skinny black Expo dry erase markers

❏ 3 boxes of Crayola crayons (24 pack size)

❏ 1 box of Crayola classic washable markers

❏ 1 box of 24 Ticonderoga yellow #2 pencils, sharpened

❏ 1 personal, hand held, pencil sharpener

❏ 2 packages of white copy paper- for office

❏ 1 box of tissues

❏ 1 roll of paper towels

❏ Art smock (old larger t shirt is fine)

❏ 1 package of antibacterial wipes

Boys Purchase:

❏ White cardstock

❏ 1 box of Ziploc gallon Bags

❏ 1 package of Baby Wipes

Girls Purchase:

❏ Colored copy paper assortment

❏ 1 box of Ziploc sandwich bags

❏ 2 bottles of liquid glue

First Aid Supplies:

❏ 2 tubes of neosporin

❏ 1 box of knee size bandaids