Third Grade

Jill Lunde

a note from Mrs. Lunde

Welcome to third grade. I hope you are enjoying summer vacation and have read some great books. I am very excited to have you in my class this year and can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!

Plan on an awesome year because we will be learning exciting things and doing some fantastic projects. Class favorites each year include the pumpkin character book reports and biography bottles.

I am praying for you, and we’ll work together to help you excel and do your best.

Mrs. Lunde

3rd Grade Supply List


REMINDER – Backpacks and other supplies may not display secular themes/cartoon characters.

❏ *Large zippered pencil pouch

❏ *1 bottle of white glue (Crayola or Elmer’s preferred)

❏ *1 pair of student sized scissors

❏ *Insulated water bottle (plastic or with a silicone sleeve)

❏ *Oversized old shirt or t-shirt to be used as an art smock labeled with child’s name

❏ *Backpack (not the wheeled backpacks) labeled w/ child’s name

❏ *12-inch ruler with inches and centimeters

❏ 24 sharpened Ticonderoga pencils

❏ 1 package erasable colored pencils

❏ 1 box of 24 count Crayola crayons (no large boxes or twist up please)

❏ 1 box of Crayola markers – broad tip

❏ 1 box of Crayola markers – fine tip

❏ 1 package of dry erase markers – (any color) chisel tip

❏ 2 highlighters (any color)

2 super stacker rectangular crayon boxes (approx. 3 x 4.5 inches)

❏ 4 two-pocket folders (do not need prongs)

❏ 2 marble composition notebook – wide rule (simple cover as we will decorate them)

❏ 1 package 3x5 white, blank (without lines) index cards

❏ 2 pink bar erasers

❏ 1 ream of white copy paper (8.5 x 11)

❏ 2 containers of Clorox (or similar) wipes

1 package of baby wipes

❏ 2 rolls of paper towels

❏ 2 box of Kleenex

❏ Girls – 1 package of extra-large Band-Aids and quart sized zip lock bags

❏ Boy – 1 package 40-60 count bandaids and gallon sized zip lock bags

* Please label each item that has an asterisk (*) beside it with your child’s name.

First Aid Supplies

❏ 3 packages/cans of hand sanitizer wipes

❏ 1 box of regular Band-Aids

~ Throughout the year, as our class runs out of these supplies, we may ask for more to be sent in.

Elementary PE Supply List

-A good pair of tennis shoes. Lace-up or velcro is fine. Boots, heels, and non-athletic shoes are a safety issue.

-A good water bottle that doesn't leak. Put your child's name or initials on it in at least two places in permanent marker!

-For girls, please avoid dresses on PE days, if possible! If wearing a dress, please have athletic pants or shorts underneath.

Mrs. Lunde's Wish List