Fifth Grade

Tracy Lesher

a note from mrs. lesher

Welcome, 5th Graders!

Here we are. The last year of elementary school. How exciting! I am thrilled to be your teacher for this journey to middle school. We are going to have a fun time learning and growing together. I am praying for you and looking forward to seeing how God will use our time together for his kingdom. Get your supplies ready and come see me in August!

Mrs. Lesher

5th Grade

Fifth Grade Supply List


REMINDER – Backpacks and other supplies may not display secular themes/cartoon characters.

  • Book bag

  • Water bottle(s)

  • 1 agenda/planner

  • 1 NIV or NKJV Bible (kept at school)

  • 1 or more containers/pouches to store pencils, markers, etc.

  • 24 pack of Ticonderoga pencils

  • 2 large erasers or 1 pack of pencil top erasers

  • 4 glue sticks

  • 1 pack of dry erase markers (any color)

  • 1 pair of scissors

  • 1 12in. ruler with inches and centimeters

  • 1 protractor

  • 2 highlighters (any color)

  • 2 pens (any color)

  • 1 pack of Crayola crayons

  • 1 pack of Crayola colored pencils

  • 1 pack of Crayola markers (fine or broad tip)

  • 1 pack of 3x5 lined index cards

  • 1 1in. 3-ring binder

  • 1 pack of dividers for binder

  • 6 spiral notebooks (wide-ruled)

  • 2 reams of white copy paper

  • 2 packs of wide-ruled loose-leaf paper

  • 1 packet of graph paper

  • 2 plastic folders with pockets

  • 1 pack of post-it notes

  • 1 art smock or large t-shirt

Consumable Classroom Supplies

  • 4 paper towel rolls

  • 4 containers of Clorox wipes (or similar) or 1 bottle of disinfectant spray if wipes cannot be found

  • 2 tissue boxes

  • 1 can of Lysol spray

  • 1 pack of baby wipes

  • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer

First Aid Supplies

  • 2 instant cold packs

  • 1 box of Band-Aids (variety pack)

Elementary PE Supply List

-A good pair of tennis shoes. Lace-up or velcro is fine. Boots, heels, and non-athletic shoes are a safety issue.

-A good water bottle that doesn't leak. Put your child's name or initials on it in at least two places in permanent marker!

-For girls, please avoid dresses on PE days, if possible! If wearing a dress, please have athletic pants or shorts underneath.

Mrs. Lesher's

Wish List